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Best Lacrosse Backstop Nets – How To Make A Lacrosse Backstop?

Best Lacrosse Backstop Nets

It would be awful if you are practicing lacrosse without any backstop. It can result in lost balls, broken windows, audience injury, and shagging balls. So shooting would be risky if you are playing without Lacrosse Backstop. You will be unable to improve our shots if you are aiming in the middle in a downward position.

So Lacrosse nets and backstops are more important in this game as they perform a very important role. There are many lacrosse backstop systems but a smart one will be more beneficial if you are practicing at home and in places where there are no backstops in practice. They keep people safe in oversized places.

Best Lacrosse Backstops Nets For 2020

Lacrosse Backstops are used at the back of the goals for safety purpose. They are used for catching stray balls and sometimes they serve as a barrier between different games played on the same ground.

If you have installed them then there will be no dent on your garage door, no lost ball, and no broken window. They are also used to avoid many injuries related to the audience. Below you will the review of some best Lacrosse backstop for 2017. Have a Look.

Best Lacrosse Backstops

1.EZGoal Monster Lacrosse Backstop Extension Net:

EZGoal Monster Lacrosse Backstop Extension Net:


This backstop is best for catching stray balls and you will not accidentally hit the windows or to chase the balls that are missed.


  • The backstop connects to all goals with bungees and removes in minutes backstop turns forward for practicing side shots and folds back for game.
  • Backstop (L x H): 11 ft. X 8 ft. (335 cm x 243 cm)fits all 6’x6′ goals and Goal Pro 4’x8′ spring rebounders pro heavy-duty net removes in seconds for game play
  • Tough powder-coated steel frame no tools required. rock solid 12-gauge welded folding System. 

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 2. Lax Backstop LBS1030:

Lax Backstop LBS1030

It is a very tough backstop and can hold up in any weather.

Possible to set the net in L shape.


  • Heavy-duty net and there is no need to tie it down.
  • It has a 2.5mm high extension net.
  • Can be used as a barrier for other sports.
  • Dimensions are 10 x 30ft.
  • Available in white color.

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 3. Franklin Rebounder Backstop:

Franklin Rebounder Backstop

It is a cheaper option than above-mentioned backstops. It is very sturdy.

No doubt it is also Big in length like other backstops.


  • It can throw more balls.
  • Most suitable for practicing corner shots.
  • The ideal addition to your official size lacrosse goal! Ideal for backyard and recreational play
  • 12′ (w) x 9′ (H) goal backstop contains stray shots so you can play & train longer!
  • Designed to fit most 6’x6′ lacrosse goals (goal not included)
  • Includes (2) universal steel goal clamps that quickly attach & detach to top corners
  • Net quickly attaches with (14) steel carabineer clips allowing you to set up and breakdown in minutes
  • Easy assembly and installation

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How to Choose a Smart Backstop for Lacrosse Goals?

How to Choose Smart Backstop For Lacrosse Goals

While choosing the Best Lacrosse Backstop you have to consider many factors. We are discussing them completely here. Let’s go through them.

1. Quality of Lacrosse Backstop Nets:

The good backstops should be of good quality. All the parts of the lacrosse backstop net are made to last longer. You can attach the lacrosse backstops with your goals and keep it there for long.

The gauge of the backstop has the ability to stand for long in any of the four seasons and there stitching is very strong and solid. All the brackets that are there to hold the backstop net are also very rigid and strong. They have the ability to take the hits again and again.

2. Smart Assembly and Setup:

As Lacrosse backstop contains few parts so it is very easy to assemble it and the set up is very simple. All the instructions to install it are clear and you don’t need any tool at all.

If you are going to unpack the backstop then it will take about three to four minutes for a single person to install it.

3. Performance of a Lacrosse Backstop Nets:

The performance of a backstop is really a champ when it is fully installed. If a ball hit the backstop then it simply falls on the ground just around the goal. The backstops are sometimes in a lean position and it can easily catch the bounce shots. Lacrosse backstop is also able to catch the shots that are angled from both of its sides.

In order to stimulate the crease, both sides of the backstops are extended a lot. It will be a good aspect if you are practicing the shots from position X.

4. Folding Behind The Goals:

The best thing about the Backstop is the way it gets folded behind the goal. You can not view it even in an attached position. This feature will make a big difference if you have installed it in your backyard. It will be a good thing if you have to mow the lawn because you just have to fold it behind the goal.

It will move just like one piece. In team practices, it will be easier for you to install it during drills and to fold it when the drill is over. Hence the time of your team will be saved.

5. Lacrosse Backstop Net Manufacturing:

Lacrosse backstop net is made of a twisted knot. The manufacturing material of the net is of high quality and it has the ability to protect the net from Ultra violet rays and all types of weather conditions.

This ability makes the backstop durable and they last for a longer period of time. The borders of all the nets came with rope. A good quality backstop has the ability to protect the property. It is there to save your money and people.

 Types of Netting Borders of Lacrosse Backstops

 Types of Netting Borders of Lacrosse Backstops

1. Regular Border with a Rope:

Regular Border with a Rope

Sometimes they are of regular borders made of rope. The rope has meshed in and out and it is stitched at the corners. This is the most popular border option.

2. Sewn Border with a Rope:

Sewn Border with a Rope

It is also weaved in and out and is sewn at the corners but every mesh is also sewn. Some lacrosse nets and backstops systems have rope bottom with a lead core.

The lead core is sewn with the rope border at the bottom of the backstop net. Its purpose is to keep the net in a weighted position when speedy air or fast hitting ball touches it. Both sides of this type of netting including the top are made with regular rope borders.

3. Vinyl Borders with Eyelet:

Vinyl Borders with Eyelet

All around the perimeters of the net, an 18-ounce vinyl is sewn and at every 18 inches, an eyelet is being punched in the vinyl. Sometimes the netting is made both with lead core and vinyl bottom.

A rope of lead core is passed through the vinyl at the bottom. Each vinyl piece is 18 ounces and its purpose is to protect it from flying in the speedy air. The other two sides and top has traditional rope borders.


Lacrosse Backstop is important when you are running a team practice and drills. They are equally impotent for trainers, players, and parents.  The best lacrosse backstop is one which fulfills all of your requirements and totally as per your needs in all aspects including price. Before purchasing one for you make sure it has good customer reviews and rating. Have a Happy Selection.