Best Lacrosse Nets & Goals Buying Guide

Recreation is constitutive in human life, draining out all the frustrations and anxiety of the ones lacrosse Netscompelled to spend five days a week in the workplace. Not only this, many these days venture into sports professionally, make them their career choice. To talk of sports and not to mention the constitutive element would be no justice. Goals and nets are considered to be a vital element of many sports. In fact they are a standard.

Top 6 Best Lacrosse Goals & Nets

Since rebounders are the building blocks in the sports sector, the responsibility to select the “most appropriate” is a huge one. However, absolutely no need of landing into the state of agony. Lacrosse players can feel relieved that this article equips them with information about the competent products available in the market. Let us throw some light on the adequate products available. Hopefully this piece of writing would make the strenuous task less painful.

Best 6 Lacrosse Nets & Goals Review

1. EZ Goal Professional Folding Lacrosse Throwback Rebounder, 8 Feet

 Product Specifications

  • The frame is made up of steel, with a firm construction which is around 1.5” powder coated and thickness equals to 17 gauges.
  • Telescopic frame which easily adjusts rebounder angle for supporting line drives, grounders and high pops.
  • The dimensions of mat size are 6’×4′, offering a smooth play.
  • Rock solid mechanism is offered in the product which assists for flat storage.
  • The round corners make storage easy as they allow the rebounder to slide smoothly.


  • Awesome design, equipped with all the required tools including the nuts with bolts
  • Offers great bounce action
  • Mostly parts are pre-assembled, others require almost no effort to be put together
  • High quality product
  • Fairly sturdy

2.  EZ Goal Lacrosse Folding Goal, 6 x 6-Feet, Orange

 Product Specifications

  • The rigidly constructed steel frame, with thickness 12 gauges and is 2″ powder coated.
  • Regulation size ranges from 72″ in width to 72″ in height (72″× 72″).
  • The net offered by the goal is a heavy duty one, made up of “polypropylene” with UV treatment.
  • Rock solid mechanism is offered in the product which assists for storing flat.


  • A very quality product, better than the rest expensive ones
  • Easy enough to be set up without tools
  • Can be easily transported
  • Heavy thickness steel frame which can sustain shots up to 90mph
  • Very durable

3. Franklin Sports Deluxe Youth Lacrosse Goal

 Product Specifications

  • Along with the attribute of being easy enough to set up, this contains a durable ABS frame with pro style net construction.
  • It offers a goal size; 38″ W x 38″ H x 38″ D


  • Light weight
  • Easy to store
  • Very durable, lasts for years
  • It is very easy to be set up.
  • This rebounder makes an excellent gift for your own children, nieces and nephews
  • Very economic

4. Brine Lacrosse Rebounder

This is appropriate for passionate and committed players as this one requires a huge investment.

Product specifications

  • It is very easy to be assembled as it offers adjustable positions withrubber pads
  • Target-sized = 3-Feet x 4-Feet, total height = 7-Feet
  • Itis an advanced and strong technology with heavy-duty 15-Inch aluminized steel frame
  • You can easily set it at a desired angle as it is easily and fully adjustable
  • 1 tool used in lacrosse to make you skillful at catching and passing
  • 3’X4′ portable wall ball System which can throw back up to 30 feet


  • Durable enough to sustain harsh weather conditions
  • Stupendous material, will last for a long time, keeping the same condition
  • Easy assembly
  • Very convenient as it can be easily folded up for flat storage

5. Primed Lacrosse Rebounder

 Product Specifications

  • Suitable and genuine tool for all skill levels
  • Helps in enhancing your touch, control and passing skills
  • Offers heavy duty powder coated steel frame
  • Dimensions:7.5’x 4′
  • Supplies 56″ x 48″ rebounding surface
  • Provides continuous adjustments from 22-90 degrees
  • Improves reaction skills by strengthening eye-hand coordination
  • It is inclusive of the manual.


  • The net offers a great bounce
  • High quality material provides it enough strength
  • Very economic

6. Champion Sports Deluxe Lacrosse Pro Bounce Ball Rebounder

Product Specifications

  • It weighs around 62 pounds
  • The size of the item is 8′ x 3′
  • The dimensions of the product are 52″ x 33″ x 6″
  • It offers various rebound angles with adjustable steel frame
  • Additional feature is its quality of exceptional shock absorbance, because of the dampened rebound surface
  • 4′ x 3′ Rebound target surface area provides amazing bounding back of the ball


  • The steel frame is a quality material. It can easily sustain all sorts of weather conditions, so your rebounder will look exactly the same even after a long time. No rusting.
  • Very portable. It is assembled within minutes.
  • This rebounder can fold up to measure four feet in width and eight feet in height.

Best 4 Portable Lacrosse Goals Review

As the name suggests, such types of goals are very effective as they are very easily transferable.

1. SKLZ Quickster Lacrosse Goal – Portable Practice Net

Product Specifications

  • Goal size: 6’×6′
  • Durable 2-ply net, the net can sustain shots up to 100+mph
  • Also provides regulation size for scrimmage play and shooting drills
  • It is made up of Tension-Tite frame, of fiber glass and composite steel


  • High performance training products for athletes
  • Light weight and yet very sturdy
  • Easy set up and Easy take down-easy assembly
  • It permits Tension-Tile technology for ball retention and goal depth
  • Inclusive of carry bag and ground stakes

2. PowerNet Portable Lacrosse Goal

Product Specifications

  • It is easy to be set up indoors and outdoors
  • It provides with EZ 2-Minute Set up
  • It offers ultimate portability along with PowerNet proven durability
  • It also offers Lacrosse frame, net and carry bag.
  • It is available in two sizes.
  • 4’x4′ (Indoor Box Regulation Size)
  • 6’x6′ (Official Regulation Size)


  • This rebounder is the best when you wish to work on your shot accuracy or defense
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Very easy assembly without any tools
  • Contains rubber feet for extra stability

3. Rukket Rip It! Portable Lacrosse Goal – 4×4 or 6×6 Backyard Net

Product Specifications

  • It is exceptionally durable as it contains the Rukket proprietary flex technology
  • Easily foldable in three directions, thus creating a triangle for a smooth, flattransportation and storage
  • Solid fiberglass poles, metal u-joints and 5mm Rukket tough nettingfor intense play
  • Available in two sizes:
  • 4’x4′ (Indoor Box Regulation Size)
  • 6’x6′ (Official Regulation Size)


  • Can be set up, indoors and outdoors
  • Light weight, yet very sturdy to sustain hard shots
  • Portable
  • It is considered an excellent choice for youth teams by most coaches
  • Folding Lacrosse Goals

4. EZ Goal Official Regulation Folding Metal Lacrosse Goal with Throwback Kit – 6′ x 6′

It has a patented rock-solidfolding system. A rebounder that can be easily folded up is very convenient to be kept.Among the top six lacrosse goals available, EZ Goal Professional Folding Lacrosse Throwback Rebounder, 8 Feetand EZ Goal Lacrosse Folding Goal, 6 x 6-Feet, Orange are easily foldable. Rests of them are as follows.

 Product Specifications

  • Propylene net is heavy duty with UV treatment, which means it will sustain itself if left in sunlight
  • Regulation size is 72″×72″ (Width×Height)
  • Weighs around 58 pounds
  • It offers a telescopic frame which is immensely helpful in adjusting throw back angle for grounders, line drives and high pops
  • Throw back bungees can be easily removed for game play
  • It also offers firm construction with 2″ powder coated steel frame of thickness 17 gauge


  • Great quality, compared to other expensive items
  • Very durable, won’t deteriorate in extreme weather conditions
  • Very sturdy for intense shooting
  • Easy storage
  • All parts and nets are easily replaceable
  • Full size and heavy duty

Best 3 Lacrosse Goals for Backyard Review

1. Champion Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal

Product specifications

  • Heavy duty orange steel tubing
  • It also offers 2.3 mm braided polythene netting
  • Net easily gets attached in no time with the help of Velcro straps
  • It is available in two sizes.
  • 4’x4′ (Indoor Box Regulation Size)
  • 6’x6′ (Official Regulation Size)


  • Very easy to assemble
  • Light weight
  • Net is reasonably good in quality
  • Affordable
  • Also provides easy storage
  • It makes a good recreational goal

2. Franklin Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal

Product Specifications

  • It offers a steel frame which is 1.25″ in diameter
  • Additionally, it provides 2.5 mm polyester net for all weather conditions
  • Goal size is about 48″ W× 48″ H× 48″ D
  • It also has snap-lock frame assembly
  • Reinforced net edging
  • Rugged tarpaulin net back pocket
  • Inclusive of rope ties
  • Available in two sizes:
  • For recreational purposes and youth backyard training (48″W×48″H)
  • Official size: 72″W×72″H


  • Quite heavy
  • Durable
  • Very sturdy, size is very appropriate
  • Doesn’t fall over after assembly
  • Very outstanding for enhancing your shooting skills

3. Predator Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal

Designed for lacrosse players by the lacrosse players!

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions are 6’×6’×6′
  • It offers Square-Mitered corners
  • Galvanized steel tube frame of heavy duty thickness about 1.5″
  • A 3mm net is also included
  • Contains orange powdered coat finish


  • Great quality net
  • Easy assembly
  • Affordable, and recommended for beginners
  • Cheap Lacrosse Goals (Under $ 50)

Best 3 Economical Lacrosse Goals Review

Some very economic goals are available in the market for consumers.

1. Mylec Mini Lacrosse Goal Set {White}

Product Specifications

  • It is made up of plastic
  • Goal measures:31″×31″ (W×H)
  • Durable
  • It offers sleeve netting system with feasible assembly
  • It is optimally stable due to weighted bottom
  • It also includes two mini lacrosse sticks, rubber ball and goal.


  • Easily transportable
  • Easy storage
  • Sturdy enough

Recommended especially for children

2.  6′ x 6′ Heavy-Duty Lacrosse Goal Target by Crown Sporting Goods

Product Specifications

  • It provides 8 key target zones
  • It is made up of heavy duty PVC tarpaulin
  • Water proof
  • Durable (In seasonal weather conditions)
  • Consists of bungee fasteners and optional ground anchors which makes it convenient to set up and tear down
  • Stylish full color goalie design
  • Easily fits all, 6×6 goals
  • Metal grommets and reinforced edges easily sustains the regular usage


  • Easy assembly
  • Exceptional quality material, with secure attachment points
  • Material is sturdy

3. Champion Sports Mini Lacrosse Goal (Black)

Product Specifications

  • Offers weighted bottom for stability
  • Made up of durableply/cotton net with 6000D Nylon sleeve
  • Constructed by ABS with1.5″ OD pipe


  • It is easy to be assembled
  • Conveniently storage
  • Offers stability

All About Lacrosse Goals

Lacrosse Replacement Nets

Sometimes, replacement of lacrosse rebounder is required such as in case of breakage, or maybe to improve your passing skills, etc. An advantage of the rebounder is that it has the same spring pattern as the original rebounder, but will it fit in your rebounder? Not guaranteed. To buy it perfectly, you must consider the original seller.

What is the Standard Lacrosse Goal Size?

The standard size of a lacrosse goal is 6’H×6’W×7’D. This official size meets all the NCAA and the specifications of high school. Also, to ensure maximum protection, orange powder coated frame is considered best.

Goal Features

  • One piece welded face
  • Mitered corners
  • Lacing rail
  • 3/8″ thick flat ground bar (for stability)
  • Uprights and crossbars feature 2″ HD Galvanized steel
  • Each goal compasses of HD 7mm nets and a lacing cord.
  • Another important consideration is that the goals are sold in pairs.

Things you need to consider while buying a lacrosse goal

Usually customers have to go through an entire procedure of “buying decision” when they’re going to purchase a product. Similarly, when buying lacrosse equipment, you need to look into some specifications.

Durability: Check whether or not the rebounder can last all the weather conditions Ideally 8 feet is perfect height. Moreover, following must also be taken into account.

Portability: The foremost parameter for selection is its convenience to be transported. It is advisable that you buy a goal which can be folded and easily transported. One option is to buy a light weight lacrosse rebounder for easy transportation, or you can buy a heavy lacrosse goal and rent a U-Haul for its transportation.

Material: The best material is “steel” which has the ability to sustain and bear. Steel frames are a sensible choice when “durability” is your priority.You should select heavy duty rebounder so it makes no difference whether you throw slowly or fast.

Budget: Now with so many easily affordable lacrosse rebounders available, budget is not a problem. All you need to do is to carefully look into the specifications of several low cost rebounders.

Brand Consciousness: Brand conscious is common these days. The truth is, almost all the brands work exactly same. Research has shown that the new brands are also very impressive. Therefore it is no use wasting your time and energy running after some specific brands. You need to try out new ones too.

How Can You become a better Lacrosse Player 

Physical and mental fitness are very important in playing.

Physical Aspects:

To be an active lacrosse player, one should be sturdy and robust along with being flexible and quick. It is thrilling to notify that the lacrosse players are the “fittest” athletes. Importantly, they must be speedy and witty. They are to be immensely strong in the upper portion of their body to sustain the pounding in a box lacrosse game.


Running is fundamental in lacrosse play, for short and long distances. Often, a long run lasts for about 12 to 15 minutes. To increase your running skills, orderly practice is required. Usually endurance techniques and long distance running are seasonal. To become efficient in running, it is advisable to stress short strides initially, and then practice by generating more speed. This will enhance your stamina.

Also, one needs to simulate the lacrosse game conditions, for this you need to pay close attention to the workouts by usually going for short intervals of streaming activity right before rest. This will help to escalate your performance as the box game allows very short intervals for rest.


To be a productive lacrosse player, you need to really understand the supremacy of stretching and flexibility. This can be of ultimate importance right before the game to reduce and ease all sorts of pains, spasms, strains and sprains.

Organized Weight-Training Program

A high body weight is a necessity in the game to compete the intense and aggressive physical contact. Not only this, but players are also required to have a low “body fat percentage” as they should move quickly into the field. Weight training programs are a must.


Running is fundamental in lacrosse play, not only for short distances but for longer displacements as well. Often, a long run lasts for about 12 to 15 minutes. To enhance running, orderly practice is required. Usually endurance techniques and long distance running are seasonal. To become efficient, it is advisable to stress short strides initially, and then practice by generating more speed. This will increase your stamina.

Also, one needs to simulate the lacrosse game conditions, for this you need to pay close attention to the workouts by usually going for short intervals of streaming activity right before rest. This will help to escalate your performance as the game allows very short intervals for rest.

Mental Aspects:


A positive mind set is vital to lead a happy, contended and successful life in all major dimensions. Winston Churchill said: “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty, “it is necessary to be consciously and unconsciously optimistic while playing. It is easy to have a rush of positive feelings while winning, however it is too difficult when one is losing.

The sudden panicky thoughts can make you lose the “almost winning game” therefore; stay positive by giving yourself positive suggestions. Moreover, it is just a game, no matter you win or lose, in either be considerate towards the opposite team. This is a very professional attitude.

Confidence and Competence

Confidence refers to the ability to realize your own strength, and exhibiting your strengths in a convincing manner.Confidence is the ultimate key to success. Confidence is a state of mind and can be easily developed by assuring yourself about your skills. Giving suggestions to your brain can do wonders!!

But the question is does only confidence help? Obviously, no! It would develop lethal over confidence. Another thing is “competence “which is achieved by regular and devoted practice. Continuous practice and confidence in your abilities can boost up your performance to the immeasurable heights.

Openness and Versatility

Usually the biggest hurdle in the success of any person, team and organization etc. is their lack of adaptability to change.  A trait to be successful at playing lacrosse is to have proper understanding of the game along with the flexibility to learn and apply new things. Therefore, to be an expert in game, you must be inquisitive and curious.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are very powerful tools. Being an effective communicator can contribute a lot in maintaining a good team spirit and an efficient play. You can talk among team members, with the coach and get training.

Broaden your Horizon

You are to have an unbiased attitude towards your coach and the rest of the team. Get yourself free of all pre-conceived notions and understand that your coach is there to polish you.

Applying the Strategies

If you are suffering from fever, you go to the doctor and he prescribes some medicines. You buy those medicines, come back home and place them beside you. Every morning and night you look at the medicines with the hope that they will help in easing your pain.


Same is the case. The strategies are useless without application.